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Behind the scenes of Dinosaur Roar!
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How to draw

A step-by-step lesson on
drawing ferocious beasts
by Paul Stickland.
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Get creative!

Fast, slow, big or tiny.
Send us your dinosaur drawing.
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Childrens dinosaur drawing
Colouring sheet

Things to do

Thirteen roaring colouring activity sheets.
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Dinosaur colouring sheets

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Dinosaur Roar! is brought to life in a fantastic app for iPad and iPhones.
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Maze Puzzle

Can you help the dinosaur
find his friend?
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Maze puzzle


Who can you find
in the picture?
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Dot to dot

Matching Pairs

Match the dinosaur pairs
and find the odd one out.
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Matching pairs

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Dinosaur Roar! workshop

Welcome to the world of Dinosaur Roar!

Dinosaur Roar! is the best selling children's picture book designed, illustrated and written by Paul and Henrietta Stickland.

Dinosaur Roar! features a series of colourful dinosaurs with rhyming text that teaches young children about opposites and individual differences: weak, strong, short and long. It has been translated into many different languages and has become a family favourite with children all over the world.

The book is now published in association with the Natural History Museum and a percentage of the royalties is donated to this much loved institution.

Take part and explore the world of Dinosaur Roar. Join the club, become an expert dinosaur artist and enter our drawing competition. Or see our printable colouring sheets, exciting activities and puzzles especially for kids.

Share photos of your child's colouring or anything you've made inspired by Dinosaur Roar! at or @DinosaurRoar. Or simply email them to us and we'll add them to the gallery.

Dinosaur Roar! book and games

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Dinosaur leaping with fierce claws

Dinosaur Roar! App

Dinosaur Roar is now available on iPhone and iPad. Dinosaur Roar! is an animated read and play app that brings the classic picture book to life. A must for kids who love dinosaurs and activities that are educational and fun. Featuring loveable characters, reading, colouring and a cool name game.

Dinosaur Roar! iPhone and iPad app

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Explore the blog

Explore the blog