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Young children are natural scientists. Their curiosity leads them to ask fascinating questions, observe the world around them, and try to figure out how everything works.

'Dinosaurs' is a subject that particularly fascinates young children. Whether it is the fact that they are truly larger-than-life, or the fact that you can’t visit a live dinosaur in a zoo, children tend to have lots of questions about them. They love to draw them, they love saying their names. They have an endless fascination and an enthusiasm for them like no other animal that has ever lived on the planet.  And yet, despite knowing that dinosaurs no longer exist, the idea of them and the evidence that shows us what they looked like, make young children's imaginations run wild!

Dinosaur Roar! is an exciting dinosaur project - specifically for preschoolers - being developed in association with the Natural History Museum in London. This amazing institution is known all over the world and is the most-visited natural history museum in Europe. It’s founder, Sir Richard Owen, even invented the word 'dinosaur' in 1842!

The Natural History Museum’s palaeontologists are working with animators, children’s writers and specialists in preschool education to transform Dinosaur Roar! into a wide range of exciting new content for children under 6 that celebrates the magnificent world of the dinosaur.

The World of Dinosaur Roar! is created in consultation with the Natural History Museum and all content is verified by the Museum's Department of Earth Sciences.

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