Dinosaur Boo is a Deinonychus, which is pronounced


Meet Boo!

Dinosaur Boo can't help being naughty. He loves to play practical jokes!

Name: Dinosaur Boo
Type of dinosaur: Deinonychus
Colour: Orange
Character: Naughty
Favourite pastime: Jumping out from behind a bush

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All about Deinonychus

How to pronounce it: die-NON-i-kuss
What does it mean: ‘terrible claw’
Type of dinosaur: Theropod
When it lived: Early Cretaceous
How it moved: on 2 legs (Biped)
What it ate: other animals (Carnivore)

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The naughtiest dinosaur anyone knew was the sneaky Deinonychus, Dinosaur Boo!

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