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Welcome to The World of Dinosaur Roar!

The World of Dinosaur Roar! is a series of storybooks featuring a group of bold and colourful dinosaurs, created by Peter Curtis and produced in association with the Natural History Museum to teach young children about dinosaurs. Educational and entertaining, The World of Dinosaur Roar! has been developed to captivate and engage pre-schoolers during their key dinosaur phase, whilst supporting the work of the Natural History Museum.

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bookcover Dinosaur ROAR!
bookcover Dinosaur BOO!
bookcover Dinosaur MUNCH!
bookcover Dinosaur STOMP!
bookcover Dinosaur SNAP!
bookcover Dinosaur FLAP!
bookcover Dinosaur WHACK!
bookcover Dinosaur WHIZZ!
bookcover Dinosaur SQUEAK!
bookcover Dinosaur HONK!
bookcover Dinosaur BASH!
bookcover Dinosaur CHEW!
bookcover Dinosaur THUD!

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